ICT Cyber Security Support Officer

Job reference: CT10980

Temporary position for approximately 8 months.
  • Monitor logs and reports from multiple sources such as syslog (Solarwinds), SCCM/SCOM, SNMP (PRTG), Event Logs, Nessus, email gateway etc. and design actionable alerts based on patterns or matches associated with risks. Follow up anomalies.
  • Clear out legacy AD configuration including redundant accounts.
  • Monitor firewalls to aid removal of legacy/unused firewall rules, lock down of permissive rules, audit and micro-segmentation.
  • Perform upgrades of systems, if necessary liaising with suppliers or internal teams.
  • Compile Monthly Security Incident Report including follow ups with customer and Service Desk where there is insufficient details in the call or the security incident procedure has not been followed.
  • Follow up on breaches with the business or third parties (e.g. suppliers).
  • Check client estate issues (from Nessus reports) and assist implementation of SCCM/WSUS updates or bespoke scripts in complex cases.
  • Monitor and investigate AD account misuse.
  • Convert operational security issues into problem tickets for ICT staff, help investigate and follow up actions/progress (Security Information Group meetings).
  • Handle/Close off basic support calls in BAU.
  • Attend and arrange security meetings as needed and compile technical minutes: following up on actions/requests for information.
  • Monitor project security requirements, follow up with project team, submitters and suppliers.
  • Maintain compliance e.g. check line of business apps are following basic guidelines on RBAC, ACLs and auditing.
  • Process tender responses against Supplier Security Checklist
  • Maintain and investigate supplier compliance with security policies.
  • Assist in aligning processes and procedures to ISO27000 standards.
  • Continuous Improvement. Review of processes, policies, procedures. 

Qualifications Required

Good understanding of a wide range of IT platforms including networks, servers, endpoint devices and Powershell (or similar language)
Strong knowledge of security risks and controls relating to ICT systems
Excellent verbal and written communications skills to be able to write reports, write or re-write technical documentation, take meeting minutes and communicate effectively with non-technical end users to advise them or resolve support calls

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£20.00 per hour

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