Senior Product Designer

We have an available vacancy for a Senior Product Designer, located in Bristol. You will be responsible for the design and specification of our product, particularly in the earlier stages where thorough medical understanding is fundamental. Good drawing and model making skills are also required.

You will be:

- Researching and developing new products and be responsible for the provision of medical advice throughout the company
- Bridging the area between the FRD/PSD and a physical model
- Assisting with the resolution of anatomical, functional and material issues with consideration of production issues
- Building well-designed prototypes that can be passed on to other team members for continued development
- Giving continued support to those involved in subsequent stages of development, resulting in a successful product

Qualifications Required

 The ideal candidate will have:

- Strong medical knowledge based on medical training and experience within medical practice
- Good CAD skills (Solidworks) would be an advantage
- A good understanding of design and design engineering principles would be an advantage
- Possess good sculpting, modelmaking and mold-making skills
- Good communication and teamworking skills
- Basic engineering skills - tuning, milling, drilling, etc.

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£40,000 - £50,000 per year

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