Laptop Build Technical Lead

Job reference: CT10447

Position: Temporary

Lead will be expected to pick up all laptops that fail the deployment process and investigate initially, correcting where possible. The build process should be very simple and in the majority of cases require minimal iteration; for this reason the team will be largely unskilled and unable to perform corrective actions themselves. It will be expected that the individual in this role be able to work in such an environment and support the staff there to assist the process, picking up faults and addressing them efficiently and effectively where possible. Although working as sole technical lead in this base, good communication channels will be provided for escalation or remote assistance as required. Typical issues seen relate to the correct BIOS setup to allow booting from USB build device and ensure deployed image works and allows encryption. It may be that the laptop required some work before it can be imaged in standard way by less technical staff. The rate of laptop conversion will be monitored so it is important the individual can resolve issues and maintain working schedule to ensure migration success

Qualifications Required

o   Ability to travel to base of working operation
o   Evidence of prior working at 2st or 3nd line  IT services support level is preferable but not essential
o   Ability to follow instruction and retain information effectively and disseminate this to less skill individuals as required
o   Working knowledge of Windows 10 OS in terms of both Operation and deployment
o   Working knowledge of standard Software and Laptop Drivers/Hardware
o   Good Working knowledge of laptop BIOS configuration and requirements for booting
o   Good working knowledge of WINPE environment
o   Able to work to deadlines and under time pressure
o   Able to record and maintain Asset register and produce knowledge base type detail for other staff to follow
o   Working knowledge of Powershell scripting would also be preferable

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