People are always surprised when we talk about Pamela.

Most people assume the woman behind our name isn’t a real person. But she is.

Back in the late sixties, when recruitment agencies first appeared to fill seasonal vacancies for the catering industry, Pamela began working for a national agency. Pretty soon her superpower for filling posts across London and the South West had made its mark and Pamela was promoted to regional manager.

But as the company grew, its personal touch began to slide. Unlike management, Pamela fought hard to keep it and strongly believed it should be preserved. Never one to comply with mediocrity, Pamela broke free and founded her own agency.

Enjoying her new founded autonomy, Pamela created a successful agency that we’re proud to say remains the only independent recruitment consultancy in central Bristol that has survived the test of time.

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Do you want to know our secret?

It’s simple really. Nothing much has changed since the early days. We live by the simple rule that recruitment is about people first and jobs second. You’re more than a candidate or client when you come to us. You’re someone we want to get to know and work with. 

The workplace has evolved beyond recognition during our lifetime. But our simple commitment to helping people to find their ‘Monday to Friday happy place’ remains – and it’s a promise that has seen us hire generations of families. From mothers and fathers, to sons, daughters and now grandchildren.

If you’re looking for a new job or your company has a role to fill we’d love to speak with you. Here’s how you can make that happen: 

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